Grail Knowledge for the New Kingdom

Welcome to the site.  The purpose of this website is to provide new knowledge about Life, Spirituality and Creation that has not been revealed before, bringing about spiritual awakening, spiritual healing, spiritual refreshment, spiritual transformation, spiritual ascent, spiritual understanding and spiritual development in the reader, as well as opening up new vistas and insights into the true nature of Life and Existence, and thereby helping lay the foundation for the coming New Kingdom of the Millennium.

This site was brought back online a few months ago. Most of the pages have now been edited and unlocked, though a few essays remain to be edited. The website will be expanded further.

The site will have around 20 sections, most of them filled with many essays on different subjects.

From Spirituality and Spiritual development, to Cosmology and Philosophy, to Health and Art, to Psychology and the Social Order, a section for Miscellaneous essays, specific sections on the Law of Attraction and a refutation of the philosophy of Objectivism.

High Value Essays on Spiritual Subjects

Most of the sections of this website will consist of essays from books I am working on.

Do not be fooled by the simple titles of some of the essays. For I often use simple subjects and titles as a launching ground for the deep examination of important parts of the life and Creation puzzle.

The Grail Knowledge website is inspired and enlivened by the powerful teachings of Abd-Ru-Shin, on his book entitled “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message” and the follow up books “Resonances to the Grail Message” volumes 1 and 2.

The content of the Grail Knowledge website draws on and is built on “the Grail Message” and “Resonances to the Grail Message” of Abd-Ru-Shin, and indeed extends the knowledge of the Grail Message.

My aim is that there should be no superfluous content here. Every single essay and page will provide you with unique insightful knowledge into the activity of Creation and/or secret inside angles about life.

Content will Remain Free until the Millennium

In the Millennium, in the new kingdom to come, these essays will no longer be provided free; for the books will have been completed, systemized and integrated into a complete knowledge of life in Creation.

Many of the secrets of the Creation-happening in many major fields will be captured in these books.

Here, some of the content of these future books is provided as is, for the benefit of our visitors.

How to Make Best Use of this Site

It is recommended that you start off with the poetic work titled “Joyful Tidings from the Grail”, this is a powerful poetic prelude or overture to this web site. This book has a consciousness animating effect on the seeker and the Grail Adherent, which by the radiation it contains, strengthens the soul, and prepares the person for the more serious subject matter.

The book is now being sold as a PDF eBook on the Lulu website. You can also read more about it on the Joyful Tidings page.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Form.

Navigating this website

All the major sections of the website are accessible through the NAVIGATION bar on the left, which links to each main section.

For those accessing this website through mobile phones, the Navigation bar is accessible at the very top of the page through the button that is titled "NAVIGATION". And also at the bottom of the page.

It is recommended that you browse and read the different sections generally moving from top to bottom of the NAVIGATION bar, as the knowledge presented in each section generally builds on the one before it, though it is not necessary that you adhere strictly to this order; if you prefer, read in whatever way you like and go with what interests you.

This site will be growing significantly in the coming weeks and months. So bookmark this homepage, if you value this unique kind of knowledge.

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