The Essential Art and Aesthetics of the Millennium

This section of the web site contains essays explaining the principles and philosophy of the artworks that will be produced in the Millennium.

It provides unique insights into the nature and secrets of great art according to the Knowledge of the Grail.

Here is the current content:

The Secret to the Nature of Great Art

(Latest Edit 30-Nov-2018)

This essay reveals the fundamental principle by which every great artist in whatever field must abide if he is to produce a truly great work of art.

How do immortal works of art come about?

What basic principle guides the master artist as he engages in conceiving, forming and anchoring his work?

Is every good and beautiful work of art automatically great?

And vice versa: is every great work of art automatically good and beautiful?

Are these two parameters identical? Or are they separate? 

This essay answers all these questions.

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