New Consulting/Coaching Service

I have recently relaunched my consultation and coaching service for Grail Adherents.

This is a unique service, an opportunity to work with me to accelerate your development, and become more effective.

The coaching work can help you gain greater wisdom and peace, and help you transform those areas of your life, where you are not experiencing the progress or results you would like.

For example, discover:

  • the secret of how to find the answers to questions that are important to you, through the Grail Message, and how this can be used to solve difficult problems
  • how to protect self respect and self worth in difficult or painful relationships
  • how to heal your spirit and gain the insights you need to overcome or transcend challenges
  • how to discover your true life purpose, and how to live it
  • how to stand in the protection of the Light
  • how to defend yourself through the power of the Light when the need arises, without needing to be in conflict.
  • whether to heal broken relationships, and how to do so
  • how to live a healthy life, improve your health

The above are some of the things, among many others, that I can help you gain. What areas we focus on, depends on your priorities and needs. The coaching agenda and coaching courses are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

If you are interested in this work, and are willing to engage with it earnestly, please don't hesitate. There is great blessing in this work.

Fill in the form below, and I will get back to you shortly to provide more information and discuss this work further.

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