Life, the Law – the Essential Cosmology of Lajoria

The above headline is the title of a book I am writing that deeply examines and elucidates in clear and objective terms the basic cosmology and meta-cosmology of Creation, of this material universe and of the entirety of existence from the point of view of the Knowledge of the Grail.

This section of the website will contain the completed essays of this book, though they will continue to be edited, expanded and refined.

An introduction page containing an explanation of the title of the book "Life, the Law" and especially the never before revealed name "Lajoria" will be posted soon. Here is an initial version of this intro:

Introduction to the Cosmology section

(Date added 17-Apr-2015)

The first draft of this page, which will be expanded and completed later, introduces the Cosmology section of the Grail Knowledge website, explaining the meaning of the title "Life, the Law - the Essential Cosmology of Lajoria".

Here are the contents posted in this section of the website:

The Nothingness and the Judgement

(Latest Edit 28 Nov 2018) (THIS ESSAY HAS BEEN LOCKED, it is being expanded into 5 or 6 pages and edited)

What is the void, also called the nothingness, which is said to have existed before Creation was made? This essay briefly explores the nature of the nothingness, also called the darkness or the void.

What is the cosmological connection between the nothingness, and the fast approaching Final Judgement?

There is a very special connection between the two that has gone unrecognized by most people.

What is the role of the Son of Man and his Living Word is the Final Judgement? How does he rescue humanity in the great affliction?

Is Time Travel Possible?

(Last edited 23 Jul 2019)

This essay sets out to answer quite definitively the question of whether traveling from the present moment to a past or future time, generally referred to as time travel, is possible in Creation, and whether it will ever become possible with advancing technology.

To answer such an apparently simple question actually requires a deep examination of the metaphysical status and real nature of time, existence and motion.

First of all, what is time? What is the true nature of time?

What is the present? What is the past? What is their true nature?

Isn't what we call the past stored in the Creation-record? If so, why can't we visit the past?

How long is the present moment? Does each creature, entity and object experience the present moment in the same way?

If time stands still, then how can anything move, seeing as movement requires a certain amount of time?

What is infinity? What are its qualities?

Can God who is infinite travel through time?

What is the future? What is its true nature?

What does travelling in time to the future actually entail in reality?

Is it possible for God himself to speed up time?

Who conceived the notion of time travel? And why did they do so?

Do the Natural Laws allow for the possibility of time travel? Or is it absolutely impossible? What if men became extremely advanced technologically? Wouldn't they be able to bypass these Natural Laws?

Doesn't modern technology bypass the Natural Laws to make our lives easier? If so, why can't a sufficiently advanced technology bypass the constraints of time, and make time travel possible?

This essay deeply examines and answers these questions.

It is a deep and enlightening read.

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The Holy Grail – What is it?

(Latest edit 6-Dec-2018)

This 1-page essay discusses the true nature of the Holy Grail.

The Grail had been sought by so many for centuries. Everywhere in the stories there was a quest for the Holy Grail, but not the finding of it. Why did this quest fail all the time?

Is the Grail a pagan symbol or a Christian one?

Isn't the Grail the cup of Christ? Wasn't this cup imbued with the power of Christ, i.e. his Divine power imparted to or incarnated in it, because he administered the Last Supper with it, and his blood was caught in it when he was on the cross?

What is the Grail in reality? Where does it exist? Where can the revelation of the true nature of the Grail be found? Where on earth can the Grail itself be found? Does its power exist on earth?

This essay discusses and answers all these questions. It also discusses many important matters related to the Grail, for example refuting false claims made by many people on the nature of Jesus' Divinity. 

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Can God act against Natural Law?

(Latest edit 1-Dec-2018)

This essay answers the much-asked question: can God act against his own Laws, can he over-ride the Natural Laws, if he so chooses?

It gives the deeper and full answer to the question as to why God would never interfere in the Natural Laws, beyond the answer given in the Grail Message.

Why are arguments of religious believers that "God can do anything he wants" false?

Is God unable to act against the Natural Laws even if he chooses to? Or is he able to, but chooses not to?

And if God is absolutely unable to act against the Natural Laws, wouldn't this mean that Natural Law supersedes the power of God?

What is the true relationship of the Creator to his Creation? Where does Natural Law have its ultimate source? And how does this Natural Law interrelate with the Almighty himself?

Is God unable to act against the Natural Laws, or is he able to do so but chooses not to? If he is able to do so, then what would prevent him from using this power when an urgent need arises?

Should a human being be afraid of God? Or is this wrong? Is God the benevolent Heavenly Father who loves all his creatures unconditionally, and who therefore should be loved and never feared?

Is the need for the approval of other people a healthy or an unhealthy attribute in human beings?

This essay discusses and answers all these questions and many others of crucial import.

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The Harshness of Earth-Life

(Latest edit 15-Dec-2018)

Why is life on earth so harsh and difficult? And what spiritual purpose is served by this harshness? How do the different substances in the different realms relate to the development of the human spirit. This essay answers these questions.

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