Interpretation of A Dream
Dream 2

This short document provides my interpretation of a second dream that was requested by another Adherent and which contains useful information for Grail Adherents and genuine seekers, concerning the Judgement and the final decision of the human spirit.

Permission was given by the Adherent who requested this dream interpretation, to share it for the benefit of all.

The Space Mission and True Riches

This is the subtitle I give this dream and its interpretation. Here is the dream itself.

The Adherent's Dream:

I had a dream.

I was in charge of a space mission to send a capsule into space containing $2million.

I had to disguise it by sending a lot of decoys.

Two people were to take each capsule.

Then I was called to the side to be given another cash sum of $2billion to be secretly hidden in another space capsule.

I did not see that coming.

My interpretation of the Dream:

This is the interpretation of your dream:

“I was in charge of a space mission to send a capsule into space containing $2million.”

The space mission is your own mission and salvation through the works of your intuitive perception. You are in charge of it because it is your own destiny in your own hands, no one else can be in charge of it but you.

The rich sum ($2million) you are to send into space are your own intuitive seeds which you are to transmit to the Heights in order to receive them back multiplied and reap many times over what you sowed.

Your intuitive seeds are a “rich sum” because they are your most precious creations, the most important thing you form for your development, ascent and salvation.

Sending your wealth into space is heeding Jesus’ teaching:

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal”.

This is the Law of Reciprocal Action. By storing your riches in heaven you will reap a bountiful harvest.

“I had to disguise it by sending a lot of decoys.”

The need for decoys is symbolic of the need to be discrete and not to reveal the specific workings of your inner life and your intuitive perception to others, especially those who are dark.

If you expose your inner life to them, they will exploit this to harm you.

This is also a warning against the modern practice of so-called “honesty”, where a person is encouraged, sometimes even aggressively pressured, to publicly reveal his inner life in a way that harms his dignity, apparently in order to heal and come close to others, but which only debases the intuitive perception, and places him in subjugation to many dark ones.

The need for decoys is the need for careful discretion and wisdom in dealing with others, to avoid being manipulated or harmed, and to preserve dignity.

“Two people were to take each capsule.”

The two people who are to take your capsule into space are the other two Laws of Creation: the Law of Gravitation and the Law of Homogeneous Species. They are the ones who carry the intuitive seeds into those realms, heights or depths where they belong, into those realms that are homogeneous in both their “weight” and their “species”.

When these seeds are carried by these two people into space, the final result is the Law of Reciprocal Action that was mentioned above, which brings back what you invested, whereby you reap many times what you sowed.

“Then I was called to the side to be given another cash sum of $2billion to be secretly hidden in another space capsule.”

This is the final sowing, the last chance to make the right choice in the presently unfolding Final Judgement.

You are called to the side, meaning you are spiritually isolated by the executors of the Judgement so that you can make your final choice, alone.

No one will be able to rely on anything or anyone to protect them, in the hour of decision. The only thing that can protect you are the Almighty and his Laws of Creation

So everyone will have to make their choice completely alone. No family, government or armed forces will be able to protect you against the retribution of the Judgement. Only purity, inner spiritual strength and genuine goodness, and not merely the “show” or appearance of goodness, can draw the protecting help you need.

The $2billion dollar capsule is symbolic of the fact that what you sow in the Judgement is 1000 times more decisive than anything you may have sown in ordinary times (2 billion divided by 2 million is 1000).

This means that many who may have sown rightly in their previous existence but who make the wrong choice in the Final Judgement, will nullify all their previous good works, and may have to reap destruction.

Others, who may have made many wrong choices, but who call up all their strength to do whatever is required of them in the Judgement, may be able with this one big investment ($2 billion) to balance their accounts and so survive the Judgement and enter the New Kingdom.

“I did not see that coming.”

No one will see the Judgement coming. As can already be seen all around the world it has come very subtly and developed unexpectedly as is foretold in all the Holy books, but in such a seemingly “normal” way that many earthmen still fail to recognize it. That is why they “don’t see it coming”, it came too naturally.

And the hour approaches when the Final Judgement will be consummated. So prepare yourself and be ready.

Best regards,

Truth Servant

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