Dream Interpretation Page

This page provides my interpretation of important dreams asked of me by consultation clients and Adherents. They contain important information for all Grail Adherents.

These dreams which I receive from Adherents and clients, often contain symbolic information that can only be mediated in the form of a dream.

That is why the Light chooses to convey these dreams to me, through specific individuals chosen for this.

Many such dreams have been sent to me, and I might post these additional dreams later in this section. Here is the list of the current contents:

My Interpretation of a Dream sent by a Client - Dream 1

The Storm, the Wave and the Safe Haven

This page contains my interpretation of a dream that was sent to me by a consultation client. "The Storm, the Wave and the Safe Haven" is the subtitle of the dream and of its interpretation, indicating that it talks about the Storm of Judgement and the fate of true Adherents in this storm.

The dream and its interpretation contains knowledge that concerns all Grail Adherents regarding the coming upheavals and the Judgement, and how things are going to be. It is a short and quick read.

My Interpretation of another Dream - Dream 2

The Space Mission and True Riches

The interpretation of another important dream sent in by a Grail Adherent. Through the symbols of the dream which have to do with a space mission, the interpretation discusses the nature of spiritual Sowing and Reaping in the Judgement.

It contains relevant information for all Grail Adherents concerning the Judgement and the final decision of the human spirit.

My Interpretation of a Third Dream - Dream 3

The Great Comet and True Worthiness

The interpretation of a third important dream. It discusses through the symbols of the dream the coming of the Great Comet, its function, and the nature of true worthiness before the Light.

It contains relevant information concerning the arrival of the Great Comet, the Judgement and the final decision of the human spirit.