Can God act against Natural Law?

Many religionists believe that God can do anything he wants. He can carry out any miracle he chooses, bypassing and circumventing all the Natural Laws that rule Creation.

If you were to ask these believers, how God could carry out such arbitrary magic or miracles, when the Natural Laws seem so immutable and consistent in the universe, they would tell you that that is beyond the capacity of man to understand; only God understands this.

Indeed many such religious believers consider that to be the defining quality of God, what makes God who he is; his ability to do whatever he wants. If he was not unlimited, his hands not unrestricted in any way, then to these believers, he would not be God.

How religionists defend their irrational beliefs

Many religionists defend these irrational beliefs by saying: “yes it is true that God’s Natural Laws rule everything. No man can circumvent these Natural Laws. However, God himself can circumvent these Laws, if he so chooses, because he is the one who made them”.

They will add that one can see this Divine supernatural power and intervention, in all the Biblical stories and miracles, and in the miracles of the other religions.

Let us examine this argument carefully, so that we can lay it to rest once and for all.

The answer of the Grail Message

The Grail Message gives a thorough explanation as to how all the miracles that are described in the Bible, do not violate the Natural Laws of Creation in any way, but consist either of a speeding up of the working and effects of such Laws, such as the miracles of Jesus, or the special working of the power of God to carry out an action not possible with human power.

But in either case, the Grail Message makes clear, all miracles and Divine acts of intervention, have to take place and work themselves out within and through the Natural Laws of Creation. They can never circumvent such Laws.

The doubts of many seekers

Many otherwise earnest seekers cannot help seeing the assertion that God cannot subvert or act outside his own Laws, as a limitation on the power of God and a contradiction of his omnipotence.

And many doubters may say to themselves or to others: if God himself must always act only within the Natural Laws, and can never do otherwise, would this not mean that it is these Laws that are primary and rule everything and not God himself?

But, they continue, since it is known that God rules everything, and is indeed the source of the Natural Laws, then he must have the power to act outside them when he so chooses, for he made them and is their source.

I will answer this argument on two levels.

The first level of answer

The first level is the answer given in the Grail Message, which says that God does not act against his own Laws, because these Laws carry his will. They carry his own will into Creation.

To say that God could act against his own Laws, is to say that God could act against his own will, or therefore that God could will something other than what he wills, which is a contradiction.

The Laws of Creation meticulously work out the will of God in Creation down to the last speck. These Laws, being a manifestation of his will, are perfect just as God is perfect. 

Since they carry out the will of God perfectly, God can will or add nothing new to these Laws, that is not perfectly in line and harmony with these Laws.

The obstinate and the doubters

The above explanation answers the argument on the first level. However many who would best be called stupidly obstinate will continue to push this issue further, insistently and stubbornly looking for an ultimate answer, even though such an answer is of no use to them, and when they have not even made the effort to grasp what lies much lower than this.

However, even amongst earnest seekers, there are a few who feel pangs of doubt inside their souls, when they recognize that the above answer implies that God does not need to interfere in Creation, or act against his own Laws in Creation, because his Laws are perfect.

It does not imply that he cannot do so, but only that he does not need to do so.

Indeed the Grail Message itself often says that God does not act against his Laws, and does not need to, it doesn’t say that he cannot act against his own Laws.

This raises the painful question in the seeking soul “does this mean he can act against his Laws if he wants to, but chooses not to because the Laws are perfect and he does not need to act against them?”

So can God circumvent the Laws if he chooses?

Naturally if the answer to this question is: “he cannot act against his own Laws”, the stupidly obstinate would immediately recite the argument “then you are saying it is Natural Law that is primary and rules everything, superseding even God himself, since God cannot act against it”.

If however, the question is answered “yes, God can act against his Laws, if he so chooses”, the same obstinate ones would recite “there you see, if God can act against his laws, then anything is possible; and God can use his special power when special situations require it”.

The cleverness of morons

They are indeed morons who talk this way and think themselves clever, who demand the ultimate and highest explanations when they have not made the effort to grasp even what is lowest.

If they could for one instant see for themselves high and far enough to where the root of this question is answered, many would immediately be filled with the most searing shame at their own presumptuous questioning.

Nevertheless, I will answer this question if for no other reason than to arm the genuine seekers against such attacking questions and arguments.

This second level reveals the deeper answer. It answers the question fully and completely, even though the men who ask it do not deserve to hear the answer.

It is therefore answered here only for the sake of those who deserve it, for the sake of those who need to be fully armed to ward off and refute such attackers.

The second level of the answer

So let us ask the question again: “can God act against his own Laws if he so chooses?”

The correct answer is a resounding “Yes”.

However, before the attackers begin jumping around in joy at this admission, or the faithful Grail Adherents think I have gone off the deep end, I will reveal in detail the reasons for this answer, which are different to what many may think.

What is the function of Natural Law?

It is said that Natural Law carries the will of God into Creation, i.e. through its working in Creation, it ensures that God’s will is always fulfilled in the biggest and smallest things, without fail and without exception, that justice is always done and love is always given.

However there is another side to Natural Law which the above statement does not specifically cover; for it is also said that Natural Law i.e. God’s will, is anchored into Creation.

What role does Natural Law play?

Ask any knowledgeable person what Natural Law is, and he will tell you “it is the Law that governs the universe” or “what governs Creation”.

And yet this does not go far enough. What does it mean that Natural Law governs everything?

Look at the environment around you; observe any natural process around you, whether it is the budding of a flower, how a building or other object remains standing, something falling through gravity, or just the actions of the weather, and ask yourself what exact role does Natural Law play in these processes? What exact function is Natural Law fulfilling in any environment and in Creation?

Maintaining order in Creation

Earnest scientists and thinkers have said for thousands of years that it is Natural Law that keeps the planets and stars in their orbits, that indeed forces them to remain in orbit, and drives them to move in complete order and harmony.

Those involved in researching the science of smaller things, such as atoms and cells, also discover the lawfulness functioning there and which allows accurate predictive knowledge of these small things to be attained.

However, it is important to point out that not only does Natural Law govern everything, but Natural Law holds everything together, keeping it alive and allowing it to exist. 

This is what is meant when it is said that the Natural Laws, i.e. the Laws of Creation, are anchored into Creation. They cannot hold everything together unless they are anchored into everything.

What would happen without Natural Law?

To discover the reality of the above assertion, imagine for an instant that no Law or lawfulness ruled the environment around you. What would this environment be like? “Chaos” is a very small word to describe what would be the result.

However this still doesn’t answer why the Natural Laws have to be immutable.

The religionists would like to say “there has to be Natural Laws to hold everything together, but this does not preclude the option that the one who created these Laws, can act outside of them occasionally when the need arises”.

To fully answer this argument, we must go beyond our immediate environment; we must go up, up all the way to the pinnacle of existence, to where the Divine radiation of God first penetrates the Divine realm.

It is only here that this question can be fully and completely answered.

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