The Harshness of Earth Life

The Laws of Creation whether they exist at the material level or at the energetic level act as teachers.

When I put my hand on a hot pan I will feel a burning pain. This pain teaches me that a pan might be hot and that touching something hot will cause me pain.

The next time I want to touch a pan, I will have learned to first carefully determine whether the pan is hot before touching it.

A note to the reader

Please note that the expression “energetic realms” used throughout this essay, refers to all realms and planes above the heavy gross material, that is from the astral realm upwards.

Even though cosmologically speaking, all the realms below the animistic, including the heavy gross material, are interpenetrated by the energies of the spiritual and animistic realms, and so do contain energy, strictly speaking, the expression “energetic realms” usually refers to those realms that exist from the animistic realm upwards, the animistic realm being the lowest consistency of substance that is mobile in itself.

However in this essay we are extending the range of the expression “energetic realms” downwards all the way down to the astral realms for the specific purpose of differentiating the world of heavy gross matter from all the rest.

Pain as teacher and protector

Physical pain teaches me how to avoid doing something that is harmful to my body.

If I did not feel this pain, I might keep my hand on the hot pan till the flesh on it was melted, and I either wouldn’t know about it until my hand was irreparably harmed, or I couldn’t care less, since there is no pain or discomfort, and so harm would come to my body.

In the more energetic and spiritual experiences of life, a very similar reciprocal protective process takes place, whether it is in regard to emotional pain, social pain, pain of conscience, suffering of soul or mental pain.

The function of pain is to alert the person to an actual or potential danger or harm.

The difference between energetic Laws and gross material Laws

There are two major differences between the Laws that rule at the gross material level and the Laws that rule on the more mobile, energetic or spiritual levels.

The first major difference is that the physical or gross material Laws, are more plentiful and varied.

While there are a few clear general or universal Laws governing both the physical world and the more energetic realms, in the material world these general laws manifest outwardly in a much greater multiplicity of specific Laws for every phenomenon and even for every object and material in the material world, which is merely to say that different objects and materials have widely varying properties, while the Laws ruling the more energetic realms manifest with a simpler more unified quality, the higher one goes upwards.

The second difference

The second difference between the Laws ruling at the gross material level and those ruling at the more energetic and spiritual levels, is that the material laws are much more arbitrary and foreign to the human spirit.

For example, two similar looking solids, such as gunpowder and a spice or pepper powder, may look similar to each other, but can have widely varying properties that cannot be predicted merely by how these substances look, even though their smell will usually give them away. One of them is food, the other is bomb material.

The different specific properties of the forms in the gross material world have to be discovered through conscientious research and investigation by genuinely knowledgeable scientists and specialists.

I am talking about the detailed qualities and specific properties of the forms, and not their general principles or governing Laws, which simple Laws can be understood by everyone.

If the scientists are genuinely seeing, they will be able to attain truly simple insights into the secrets of nature, which they can then pass on to the non-scientists, keeping them apprised, in a form they can understand, of the practical essence and application of such research, in the fields that have relevance to their lives.

But for life on earth a person merely needs to be on the right spiritual path under the direction of his guides to avoid most harm, and does not need science in most everyday matters, because he can use his own reason and intuitive capacities to decide most matters.

The degree of ease of sensory recognition

In the more energetic and spiritual worlds, everything is ruled by clear Laws, so that the nature of entities, objects and forms can be immediately determined merely by looking at them, this ease of recognition increases the further one penetrates into finer realms.

In the gross material world, a hot pan doesn’t usually have a sign on it saying “watch out! This is hot!” in most cases, it looks no different than a cold pan.

In the more mobile realms, the outer image of an object corresponds more exactly to its actual nature. A person can recognize a harmful form merely by perceiving it alertly, looking at it, hearing it etc.

That is why the laws ruling the energetic and spiritual realms are said to be more native to the human spirit.

In other words they correspond more closely to how the human spirit perceives and experiences.

The harshness of the material world

The fact that the physical laws are more arbitrary and foreign to the human spirit is one of the main reasons the material world is considered harsher.

This is partly what is meant when it is said in the Grail Message that unconscious human spirit-germs must leave the spiritual realm, and descend to the world of matter, in order to awaken to full consciousness under the much harsher conditions prevailing there.

The harshness is partly based on arbitrariness and foreignness.

Foreignness as a spur of growth

It is precisely because the physical laws are more foreign to the human spirit, that it must exercise vigilant alertness to stay alive in the world of matter.

This cannot take place in the more native spiritual realm, which is why the human spirit cannot attain its full potential and full consciousness there, but instead must descend to the lower worlds of matter.

The intensity of Light pressure in the spiritual world is also too intense for the human spirit to bear when it is still a spirit-seed.

When it descends into the world of matter, the challenges of the experiences that come its way are therefore calibrated by the guidance in steadily and gradually increasing intensity, thereby increasing its capacity to bear higher and higher levels of Light-pressure.

One could say that development for humans on earth begins with the ABCs of spiritual consciousness and gradually expands from there. The foreignness and arbitrariness of the experiencing on earth therefore serves as the perfect medium in which to explicitly learn these lessons step by step.

Only in the world of matter, and especially on earth, does a human spirit face the ruthless dangers that force it to exercise and attain the sharpest vigilance, thus unfolding and establishing its self-consciousness for all of time.

The accuracy of sensory impressions

In the more energetic realms, direct sensory perception is usually sufficient enough for a human spirit to avoid any danger it may encounter; assuming of course that the person concerned is spiritually alert and seeing, and is not spiritually deaf and blind, for if he is energetically blind and deaf, his situation will be much worse in the ethereal world than on earth.

This virtue of spiritual alertness, sensing and seeing, is the critical ingredient of survival and success in any realm, whether high or low. But in the gross material realm the need for such alertness, and the dire consequences against those who wane in this alertness, can be ruthless to the extreme, which is why conditions here are described as harsh.

However in the energetic realms, a dangerous or harmful object or form nearly always looks dangerous and harmful, and has an ugly and therefore repelling sensory effect.

Examples of deceptive forms

In the gross material realm a dangerous form, object or substance might look completely ordinary, harmless or even in some cases attractive.

Take for example a poisonous plant that looks like a succulent fruit. The unwary and the uninformed might very well be attracted to such a plant, pick it and eat it, suffering poisoning as a result.

Or take the example of a part of a jungle trail that looks completely safe to the traveler, but where a tiger is hiding behind a rock ahead, waiting to pounce on him.

Examples of deceptive human products

In the field of man-made products, consider a cigarette package which is packaged attractively and wrapped in glossy wrapping to attract the buyer, but which actually contains poison that is scientifically proven to kill the health of man.

Or consider a candy sweet, that is laden with harmful ingredients and chemical additives that are scientifically proven to cause many diseases, but which is covered in colorful packaging to draw and attract innocent children.

Or an attractive whiskey bottle, which is elegantly shaped like a work of art, but contains a beverage which can have over 65% of alcohol concentration, that burns the digestive system and intoxicates and damages brain.

Though all these harmful man-made products are not part of nature as it was intended to be, but are instead the result of the wrongful actions of human beings, the reality of conditions on earth are real and are therefore a part of the earth and must be considered a de facto part of life on earth.

The ruthless deception of materiality

All the above are examples of the ruthlessness of life on earth.

Here direct sensory perception and experience while going a long way to offering protection from many a danger, is not always sufficient to recognize danger.

The human being must exercise unwavering sharp alertness and all his mental, intuitive, reasoning and investigative faculties, in cooperation with the knowledge that other people have, to uncover, discover and determine what is good and what is bad; what is harmful and what is beneficial; which contributes to the full unfolding of his spiritual powers and his human consciousness.

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