The Holy Grail
What is it not? What is it?

The Holy Grail has been the subject of much investigation, seeking and thought for many centuries, by thinkers and poets, Kings and knights; and the inspiration for countless legends and works of art.

Despite the great amount of thought and investigation that this subject received, one cannot say that these seekers for the Grail, after centuries of seeking, came any closer to unraveling its mystery.

Why did the Grail seekers fail?

The real reason for the failure of those who sought the Grail, is that these seekers, though possessing high intentions, believed they already knew what the Grail is, and that all that remained was to find it or understand it.

It is to here that the source of the failure of these seekers can be traced.

It is precisely because they believed they already knew what it is, that the seekers and thinkers remained on a single track that always excluded them from being able to access the path of thinking which would lead them to the secret of the Grail.

So the first correct question to be asked is “what is the Grail?” not “whom does one serve with the Grail?” nor “where on earth is the Grail to be found?” but “what is it?” Before answering this question, let us state what the Grail is not.

Wrong interpretations of the Grail

Ask many thinkers what the Grail is and they will tell you it is the cup which Christ used in the Last Supper and in which his blood was later caught when he was dying on the cross.

Modern sensationalistic interpretations such as that made in the novel “The DaVinci Code” cannot be taken seriously.

Other myths and stories say the Grail is a cauldron or, alternatively, a stone. But all these interpretations are of lesser import than the above interpretation of Christ’s cup, which gives the Grail the high and sacred status it deserves.

The error of the poets

Despite giving the Grail the high and sacred status it deserves, the belief that the Grail is Christ’s cup is actually wrong.

No doubt the poets, who received the inspirations of the Grail, also felt it to be a vessel of the highest and most sacred importance, and in order to preserve for it this status, they wrongly, mistakenly or sometimes forcibly associated it with Christ’s cup.

Out of a perhaps unconscious fear of tainting the Holiness of the Grail with what they considered to be “pagan” myths and interpretations, they thereby distorted the inspirations they had received.

Many of them also only drew on existing earthly conceptions in trying to make sense of their high visions; hence the errors arose that would later be the cause of the thwarting of the many quests of knights, thinkers and seekers, as they despaired to find the ideal they were longing for.

Is the Grail Christ’s cup?

Christ’s cup cannot be the Holy Grail, for the simple reason that this cup is a physical cup, made of gross material substance.

Though this physical cup holds sacred sentimental value, it does not and cannot possess any miraculous powers.

The miracles of Jesus did not have their origin in his body or blood, which were completely natural like everyone else’s body and blood, but rather his miracles had their origin in his innermost core which was Divine.

While he needed a specially potent radiation of the blood to carry out his many miracles, this blood radiation was only needed to serve as a bridge of his immense inner Divine power, allowing the radiation or emanation of this power to be transferred out of his soul and physical body to the outside.

The power itself lay in his inner core and not in his blood or body. Also, his blood and its specially potent radiation were themselves formed by his inner core, and this radiation would have ceased with Christ's death.

Can Divine Envoys be cloned?

To digress here a bit, thus also the idea that Christ can be reborn by cloning his body from his DNA is a silly notion.

Despite its sacrilegious implications, even if they managed to clone his body, the clone who would be born would carry only Jesus’ physical genes, he would not have a single one of his powers, nor would he be Jesus. He would just be a human being.

Power lies in the innermost core not in the body.

Bodies are only coverings or shells serving the spirit as a temporary vessel or bridge for earthly activity.

Can the cup of Christ possess his powers?

The cup of Christ can possess no miraculous powers, for the simple reason that it is just a cup, despite its sacred sentimental value.

It is made up of material substance. Nor could Jesus have imparted to this material cup his powers, for his powers are Divine in origin and not physical.

For the cup to have these miraculous powers, Christ would have to be incarnated inside it.

For those who would like to suggest that that may be just the case, let me briefly refute such a claim.

Can Christ be incarnated in his cup?

Not even a human being, who is of much lower origin than Jesus, can incarnate in a physical object, let alone can a being of Divine origin such as Jesus.

Only an elaborately developed and refined vessel, such as the human body, can be the subject of an incarnation by a human or higher spirit.

It alone has the development to be able to hold the human soul and serve as the bridge of the soul’s spiritual activity.

Thus a human spirit cannot incarnate in an animal body, contrary to the theory of transmigration.

Humans cannot even incarnate in animal bodies

So let us make it clear: if a human spirit, who has its origin in the spiritual realm, cannot incarnate in an animal body, even if the body is that of an intelligent animal, because the animal body lacks the development to hold the human soul, then how can a Divine being incarnate in a purely material cup, which cup is lower in development than even an animal body?

If the animal body lacks the development to hold a human spirit, then a cup, being a material object, will all the more lack the development to hold a human spirit.

But these thinkers want to imply that a Divine being, a part from out of God, can be incarnated in a physical cup.

This is really a blasphemy.

What about Divine incarnation?

The claim by proponents of other religions, that the incarnation of a Divine being in a human body, is itself a blasphemy, can be refuted with simple logical reasoning.

The implication of such religionists, is that claiming that what is Godly, Almighty and Holy can become impure perishable physical matter, is to taint and thereby blaspheme what is Divine.

However, human spirits themselves, whom on earth we refer to as human beings, are themselves spiritual entities who descend from far up heights.

At each step of descending into a lower realm, they put on or wear a cloak, call it a garment, of the substance of that realm.

Each successive cloak or garment, acclimatizes them to the nature of that lower realm, and endows them with the capacity to apprehend, comprehend, directly interact with and deal with the realities of that realm.

They keep doing this until they reach the outermost realm of heavy gross matter we call earth. When they incarnate on earth, they finally don a heavy gross material garment, which we refer to as the physical body.

Divine incarnation follows the same progression as human incarnation

Now it is simple logic, that for a Divine being of the highest origin to incarnate on earth, he follows the same exact principle and progression of donning the garment of each successive lower realm into which he descends, till he reaches the earth, and dons a garment of earthly matter.

To say that becoming perishable matter of the physical body, taints or blasphemes Divinity, wrongly assumes that Divinity has thereby become physical; the physical body that Jesus wore, was only the final outermost garment, which was preceded by many finer garments.

Thus God did not become physical in Jesus Christ, but only wore a physical cloak or garment, just as human spirits do not become physical when they are born here on earth, but only wear a physical garment.

He was no more physical than human spirits who themselves have descended from sacred heights.

The inner Divine core of Jesus Christ, therefore remained completely pure in its Godliness and Holiness, all the time during his presence on earth.

To get back to the subject at hand, let us ask…

What is the Grail?

So then what is the Grail?  What is it really?  If it is not Christ’s cup and it is not what other conventional interpretations say, then what is it?

The Truth of the knowledge of the real Grail is to be found in a book; a book entitled “In the Light of Truth”.

Since the earthly seekers for the Grail, being on the wrong track, failed in their quest, it remained up to God himself to reveal the answer to this question.

This answer was brought by a Messenger of God, a Divine Envoy, who lived in the 20th century.

His book “In the Light of Truth” is subtitled “The Grail Message”, the Message from the Grail.

The answer

The author, who carries the name Abd-Ru-Shin, reveals that the Grail is not an earthy cup, it does not exist anywhere in this material universe, it does not even exist in the paradise of the human spirits, but exists much higher.

It exists at the very uppermost point of the entire Creation.

It is a sacred Chalice that contains the Divine Life Power that is needed to sustain the whole of Creation. It is the connecting point between the power of God and the Creations that are dependent on this power.

The Grail in the Bible

To those who are familiar with the Bible, the Grail is mentioned not in the gospels but in the Revelation of John.

In this Revelation, “the Temple of God” is mentioned, which exists in the highest Heights. And in this temple is mentioned “the Fountain of the Water of Life”.

The Fountain of the Water of Life is the Holy Grail.

The Grail as life and power source

The Fountain from which flows out the Water of Life, sustains the Creations and all the creatures in them.

This is the reason for the high and sublime status this concept holds in the hearts and souls of men.

They sense in it the divining of a powerful, sacred and ineffable idea.

The cup of Christ, despite its sacred sentimental value, cannot be the Fountain of the Water of Life.

This subject, together with all the knowledge of life and Creation, are revealed in The Grail Message.

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