The Ideal Society

The Ideal Society.

A shining vision. Every aspirant’s dream.

Throughout history, philosophers, revolutionaries, poets and leaders, have talked and written about it.

People of every type and persuasion have advocated it. Even people on opposite poles of the political and religious spectrum have claimed to be striving for it. Thus both Communists and Capitalists, both Religionists and Atheists have claimed to possess the sole means to it and have claimed the right to enforce their vision under the barrel of a gun.

The result of all this is a justified disillusionment by the peoples that anything such as an ideal society could ever exist.

Democracy as a means of moderation

The result we see today is a general aversion to all forms of idealism and instead the preaching of the so-called moderation and mixed societies called “democracies”.

However what “democracy” means is left to the interpretation of individual nations. Thus in addition to the political system of parliamentary rule, constitution based governments, political parties wrangling with each other and so-called rule of the majority, that are most typical of modern-day democracies, we see democracies ruled by kings and queens on the one hand and others that are more or less socialistic.

Meanwhile the shining vision so longed for before has been lost and come to be regarded as a fool’s dream, an impossible ideal.

Yet now more than ever, on the eve of the Millennium, the question must be answered: what really is an ideal society? To answer that, let us first examine what an ideal society is not.

What an ideal society is not

It is important to clarify this, for in the striving and the philosophies of the so-called idealists, the simplest facts are overlooked time and time again. The same mistake is made over and over again.

Their basic mistake is the equating of the term “ideal society” with the term “ideal social system”. Always and again they are striving to create the ideal social system or social order that will give rise to the perfect ideal human beings.

Putting the cart before the horse

The idealists believe that ideal social systems give rise to ideal human beings when in reality the reverse is true. It is not ideal social systems that create ideal human beings but rather ideal human beings who give rise to ideal social systems.

Thus the so-called idealists always put the cart before the horse; the dead wooden construction of the cart before the living breathing being of the horse who is to pull that cart.

Do corrupt laws create corrupt men?

There is a commonly made argument that corrupt laws create corrupt people, create a corrupt society, by rewarding the evil person and punishing the honest person.

In this view, by changing the laws of society, so that these laws reward good and the virtues of men, and punish evil and the vices of men, a near ideal society will be fostered and created.

So those who make this argument propose to fight for better and more just laws through various means.

Corrupt people create corrupt laws

However these crusaders fail to notice a very crucial fact; that corrupt laws are created and enforced by corrupt politicians; and that such politicians can only come into power when the society itself is corrupt.

Indeed corrupt leaders draw their strength and power from a populace that supports them. They cannot be budged from their positions of power and control so long as they have the mob behind them.

These leaders are the sweet-talkers and clever flatterers and manipulators of the modern world. And a corrupt and ignorant people will always be deceived by such leaders.

Thus the Marc Anthony’s have always won out over the Brutus’s (see Shakespeare's work "Julius Ceasar"), so long as the people of a society were corrupt, which has been the case with most of the societies throughout history and even today.

A corrupt citizen cannot really tell the difference between a truly righteous fervent orator and a power seeking demagogue, the difference for example between a Martin Luther King Jr. and an Adolf Hitler.

To the corrupt individual, the demagogue will even seem more passionate, great and noble in an earthly way.

Fighting to change laws is therefore useless

To strive merely to change the laws is therefore useless so long as the individuals of a society are themselves corrupt.

This is like fighting the many-headed hydra, cut off one head and another one grows in its place. Put in place one law that is intended to correct a negative situation, and people will either find a way to get around it, or the law will give rise to new unforeseen problems that require even more laws to fix.

The result is not only that the many laws don’t work and don't achieve their intended result, but these many laws become a maze, a labyrinth, through which not even the most astute legal scholar can make his way safely or effectively.

The required task is to cut off the snake at the root of its many heads, so that all the heads collapse of themselves.

Inspire and right men first

The source of all corrupt laws, corrupt practices, corrupt ideas, and corrupt actions, are corrupt individuals. So long as the inner life of the populace is corrupt, trying to change the outer structure of their society is, as Abd-Ru-Shin said, like trying to cure a very sick person by dressing him up in beautiful new clothes.

It will not work.

It is the spiritual condition of each human being that is the deepest source of all the evil that has ever existed and that has to be changed. The hydra must be cut off at the root.

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