The impossibility of intellectual proof in spiritual matters

The answer to the great epistemological mystery as to why spiritual happenings can never be proven to the human intellect is that as soon as a human being turns his intellect on a spiritual happening, that spiritual happening withdraws from him.

The intellect is the result of the activity of the physical brain and is non-homogenous, i.e. dissimilar, to the fine energy of spiritual phenomena. The result of this is that it repels anything not composed of the same gross material substance.

According to the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, energies that have a similar vibration and frequency attract each other; and energies that have a dissimilar vibration and frequency repel each other. This Law is alluded to in the proverb “birds of a feather flock together”.

The other Law which seems to contradict this Law, saying “opposites attract”, is discussed in the essay explaining “The Law of Complementation”.

The ignorance of intellectualism

When the "day consciousness" of a human being lacks the living warmth of the radiations of the spirit, it's horizon is restricted to what is purely intellectual, and this day consciousness will emit a coarse material vibration, that prevents a person from connecting to spiritual phenomenon, which is what is essential in understanding them.

He is not even able to perceive such spiritual phenomena, even if it is of the simplest kind, since they are repelled by his vibration.

When it is said in the Message that the horizon of the intellect is limited solely to what is gross material, the explanation given in this essay is the mechanism of why and how it is so.

An intellect bound person is dependent on other more intuitive persons to explain simple but important spiritual matters to him, because he is unable to apprehend them by himself.

You can see this quite often in some men of great power and success. They have very little genuine knowledge about anything, but they know one thing exceptionally well: How to control others using the sharp claws and teeth of the intellect. And with this one skill alone they are able to play the game of earth life fully, control and exploit their spiritual superiors to achieve great success or power.

The intellect as relay to the spirit

When the day consciousness is suffused with the warmth of the spirit, then the intellect is animated and is able to vitally relay the impressions it receives to the spirit, which through the connection with the impressions is able to understand them.

Not only other-worldly phenomena must be considered "spiritual" but everyday matters on earth are themselves spiritual phenomena, though most people are no longer aware of this.

When the day consciousness is cut off, its horizon restricted to what is intellectual, the impressions do not reach the spirit, because the influence and presence of the spirit is not heeded or ruthlessly restrained, and thereby held at bay by the intellectual consciousness. 

Impressions then are held and arrested in the intellect and are dissected there, without reaching the spirit which alone can understand them, because the spirit alone possesses the intuitive knowledge root of all phenomenon.

Now when such a person turns his day consciousness, which is vibrating coarsely, on a spiritual phenomenon, it withdraws from him. It is repelled by the coarse vibration. He lacks the fine homogeneous inner flame that can attract, connect to and take hold of finer phenomenon.

Like Shoveling Air

Trying to understand spiritual matters with the intellect is like trying to handle air with a spade and shovel. The spade and shovel were made to deal with solid substances. Air flows off them; it is repelled and cannot be caught or handled effectively.

A much greater incompatibility exists between the intellect and spiritual happenings than between the spade and shovel and air.

The intellect was meant to deal with issues of the earth. It is a cold gross material implement, like a computer.

Turning this cold implement on spiritual phenomena will force them to withdraw in a way that is similar to, but even more than, the way air runs off the different substance of the spade and shovel and cannot be caught. 

The innermost spirit however is equivalent to the breathing apparatus that is uniquely qualified and able to deal with the finer air, to capture it and draw nourishment from it for the betterment of the person.

Providence is not cruel but just

The repelling of spiritual forces by the intellect is not a cruel withholding on the part of fate, as many cynical intellectuals like to claim, whereby providence wishes to prevent us from developing a conviction of our beliefs and so deliberately withholds the proofs we need to be convinced.

But rather it is based on the clear difference in species between the intellect which is designed for dealing with the material world and spiritual phenomena which have their source far above the material world though they are also imbued in every single aspect of our everyday lives.

When we reach out with the cold intellect to touch a spiritual force that force cannot but withdraw, it cannot do otherwise, it is repelled by the coarse vibration; because the intellect is not equipped to understand or deal with spiritual matters.

The nature of the day-consciousness

It is important to clarify that the day consciousness of everyone is rooted in the frontal brain, where the intellect exists.

Thus our faculty of consciousness during the daytime, which is sometimes also called the conscious mind, has its basis in the same part of the brain where the intellect exists, regardless of whether the person concerned is an intellect bound dark person or a free intuitive person of the Light.

So when someone generally understands something during the daytime, he is understanding it with the day-consciousness.

The difference between the Light and dark person, is that the Light person's day-consciousness is suffused with the rich threads and intuitive vibrations of the spirit.

This is what breathes life into his understanding, and allows him to comprehend matters going way beyond gross matter, beyond the capacity of the brain and the intellect.

Trying to prove spiritual matters to an intellectual is like trying to prove that vision exists to someone who refuses to open his eyes. He wants you to prove to him through hearing or taste or smell or touch that sights and colors exist, which cannot be done, when all he has to do is open his eyes and see for himself.

(The question of correct and of false epistemology will be dealt with in much greater detail in further essays that will be added to this philosophy section).

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