Introduction to the Cosmology section

The title of this book, this section of the web site, is “Life, the Law – the Essential Cosmology of Lajoria.”

It will be noted that the main title says “Life, the Law” and not “the Law of Life”.

While the expression “the Law of Life” expresses partly the principle I am trying to capture, it also implies that there is a Law that governs life, a Law that determines the activity of life; it is actually the intention of this book to show that no Law governs life, but instead that Life itself is the Law, and the source of all Laws.

In The Grail Message, Abd-Ru-Shin describes the 3 Laws of Creation that govern and underlie all the activity that takes place in Creation. However, in The Grail Message, Abd-Ru-Shin hints that these 3 Laws, and indeed all Natural Laws, have their source in a single Law, which he does not name explicitly.

This single governing source Law is Life itself. Not the life of human beings, or that of living organisms here on earth, which is erroneously called life, nor even of the entirety of Creation; for as Abd-Ru-Shin has shown, none of these contain true Life, but are merely the effects of real Life.

This subject is touched upon in the final lecture of The Grail Message which is entitled simply “Life”.

True Life itself is the Unsubstantiate being of God and this true Life is the one Law that is the source of all Laws.

This intro explaining the title of the book will be expanded upon in the near future.

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