Joyful Tidings from the Grail

Joyful Tidings from the Grail is a poetic work containing a call from the Truth.

This book contains the Living Power of Imanuel. 

Joyful Tidings from the Grail is a short book of a mere 40 or so pages, most of them having just a few simple words. However the simple language used is of a very unique condensed kind; so that each page with its few words contains Imanuel's power that is able to shift and align the human spirit to the Laws of Creation.

Built on the Grail Message for those who are familiar with it, Joyful Tidings from the Grail must be read with the intuition and not the intellect.

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Book Information

The sequence of the verses in the book basically leads the soul on a series of subtle shifts of consciousness, that helps align the mind and spirit with the Laws of Creation and helps prepare the Adherent for the escalating Light power and events that are soon to unfold.

Click on this link to read online the “Notes on reading Joyful Tidings” which is the introduction letter to be sent with each book order. These notes show the reader how to get the most out of the book.

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You can get the sense of these notes with the following paragraph:

Read Joyful Tidings with depth to absorb its power and for spiritual refreshment of your intuitive perception, affirming and experiencing the words. Shift your soul to the vibration of the words, reading them slowly and applying them responsibly.

This is a sense of the notes, but you need to read the full notes themselves, which are only 6 pages, to be able to benefit fully from Joyful Tidings.

To order the eBook from the Lulu website, click here.

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