The Law of Complementation

(Those who have read and understood the Grail Message will better understand this essay).

We’ve all heard the popular saying that “opposites attract”. Some readers of this page may have also seen very good demonstrations of this saying which is also called the Law of opposites, in their everyday lives.

Some say “like attracts like”, "what is similar attracts" and "similar energies attract each other"

Others say “opposites attract”.

So which is true?

Do like things attract each other or do opposites attract?

For example one can very often observe a man with certain qualities of character and personality being drawn to a woman of seemingly opposite qualities.

This may leave the Grail seeker wondering how it is possible for such opposites to attract where one of the fundamental Laws of Creation is the Law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species which stipulates that only what is similar attracts.

Is this a contradiction? A paradox?

The answer is no.

The seeming contradiction only results from not perceiving, thinking and distinguishing in an accurate way.

This seeming contradiction is solved by understanding the Law of Complementation. This says that opposite poles within the same basic species attract each other.

Those who have read the Grail Message and thought about this issue will have been able to discover the answer to this riddle.

Male and female qualities in the Divine realm

High above the highest heights of Creation, inaccessible to any created spirit, there exists the Divine realm, a realm which no human being will ever be able to fathom or comprehend for the simple reason that it exists many worlds higher than his point of origin.

From the Grail Message we know that many types of beings inhabit this Divine realm. From the Primordial Queen Elizabeth to the Four “Animals” which are said to be at the steps of God’s throne, to the Archangels, other Angels and the twenty four Elders in the Divine Grail Castle.

This subject is covered in the Grail Message.

I will simply point out that although many beings in the Divine realm do posses it, many other beings in this realm do not possess a gender i.e. they are neither male nor female but both.

Why do many beings in the Divine realm not possess gender?

This is because such beings are part of the direct and thus complete radiation of God. Existing so close to the life source, many of these beings possess both poles of gender within them, male and female.

The equal-armed Cross of Truth which is the sign of Divine Truth consists of the vertical beam which is the positive/active male force and the horizontal beam which is the negative/passive female force.

Since these beings in the Divine realm exist in the direct and complete radiation of God, many of them bear both qualities of the Cross of Truth, the vertical and the horizontal, the male and the female, within them.

That is why many beings of the Divine realm have no specific gender.

Male and female qualities in Creation

It is different with the “spirits” of Creation, which includes human beings. As readers of the Grail Message know, spiritual beings had to come about at further distances outside the Divine realm.

The most significant result of this is that they no longer possessed the necessary homogeneity with the source power of Divine radiation that would enable them to maintain the fusion, or more accurately the unity, of both male and female parts, of both forces (vertical and horizontal) of the equally armed Cross, within them.

Thus the creatures living in the spiritual Creations all split into male and female, with individual creatures each possessing only one of the two forces.

However the balance of the equal armed Cross is the basic Law of Divine radiation and of all Creation.

In this case it meant that the balance which needs to exist between male and female and which no longer existed in single individual creatures had to be brought about through a union of male and female spirits.

Thus male and female spirits have to unite and complete each other in order to fulfill the balance of the perfect Cross of Truth, the basic Law of God’s radiation.

Sexual union vs. spiritual union

In the case of a union between a male and female spirit to complete each other, this has nothing to do with a physical sexual union (even though that is also ruled by this law) but rather indicates a spiritual union.

The distinction between an earthly sexual union and a spiritual union is that an earthly sexual union is based on the attraction and uniting of the earthly physical bodies of male and female.

This comes about because the physical body of the man vibrates animistically with a male radiation and the physical body of the woman vibrates animistically with a female radiation.

It is the mutual attraction and meeting of these physically-emanating radiations that is at the basis of the sexual act itself, irrespective of the purity or non-purity of the volitions of those engaging in the act. For the act itself is physical.

To prevent the human being from from falling through the sex act, for this the natural sense of shame is given, which prevents him from indulging in this act merely on the basis of physical sensual desire.

For the noble human being, only where the sense of shame is authentically conquered by genuine love, can the sexual act be pure. Otherwise the act is impure and immoral.

The term spiritual union however reaches much wider than a mere sexual union. For here the union is not based on opposite yet complementary physical and animistically-imbued radiations which exist only in the material world, or more specifically on earth, but on opposite yet complementary qualities and radiations of “activity” which embrace the entire life of a spirit wherever it may be.

The true nature of gender

Those familiar with the Grail Message know that the genders of male and female are not determined by the anatomy of physical bodies, but that they exist throughout Creation, even in paradise where the spirits do not have material bodies.

It is the underlying quality of activity of a spiritual being, and its spiritual vibration, that determines its 'maleness' or 'femaleness'.

Thus maleness in the spiritual world is not based on the physical organs of the body since no physical body exists there, but is rather based on a manly i.e. active, coarse, positive type of activity.

The same applies to femaleness which is the result of a womanly i.e. passive, fine, delicate and negative type of activity.

Thus the genders of male and female are determined by the type of activity each carries out, which is inseparable from the way the spiritual nature of each vibrates and radiates. The male is active, positive, and deals with coarser issues, while the female is passive, negative* and deals with more feminine refined issues.

Thus with a spiritual union of man and woman it is the opposite qualities of spiritual activity and energetic vibration that have to unite and combine in order to complete each other.

This Law, the Law of Complementation or “opposites attract” does not contradict the Law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species, which states that what is similar attracts.

How and when opposites attract

“Opposites attract” merely refers to opposites in the nature of their “spiritual activity” and energetic vibration, male and female attracting each other and combining to complete each other. It does not refer to opposites in spiritual “weight” or opposites in spiritual homogeneity.

Therefore while a quiet reserved man might attract and be attracted to a woman with an outgoing personality, this is only because their opposite qualities complement and complete each other. This means that such a woman would still be of a homogenous species i.e. of a similar spiritual weight as the man.

Only their personalities and qualities of activity would be opposite and complement each other.

If the two were opposite in spiritual weight or nature i.e. if one of them comes from and is connected to the purest heights and the other comes from and is connected to the darkest depths, such a union would be out of the question.

Complementation in business

The principle described above also explains complementary seemingly-opposite relationships where the two people are not in a marriage situation.

For example, in business, one partner in a firm might be assertive and decisive in his management style, while the other partner might be more quiet and analytical.

Such a partnership might produce a winning team if the two partners know how to leverage each other’s strengths, because the two partners complement each other’s qualities. They each possess strengths that the other doesn’t have, thereby bringing a complete perspective and cohesion to their management of the firm.

Complementation and the laws of physics

When it is pointed out in the laws of physics, that like poles repel each other but opposite poles attract each other, as, for example, with a magnet, this is not thereby proof that the Law of Attraction of Homogenous species or “like attracts like” is false or that it is not a real universally governing Law.

The Law of Homogenous species is an all-embracing Law that overarches the manifestation given above.

When physics teaches that like poles repel and opposite poles attract this only applies to poles of the same species.

This Law is the Law of Complementation and is contained within and is controlled by the wider Law of Homogenous species.

With magnets for example it will be noticed that positive and negative (north and south) poles of magnets attract each other, i.e. positive and negative poles of the same species, which in this case is the species of a magnet.

You would not expect for example that the north part of a magnet and the south part of your wooden or brick house, would attract each other in the same way, for these are entirely different species.

Thus the Law of Complementation also called the Law of Opposites does not refer to opposite species, but to opposite completing poles of the same species, i.e. they complete each other.

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*the word negative as applied to woman is not to be understood here to mean wrong or false, but, as is explained in the Grail Message, the woman in Creation is the passive, delicate and tending pole thereby called negative; as opposed to the coarse active pole which is the male and which because of its coarse activeness is called positive.