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This section of the site contains those essays and subjects that do not fit in under any of the other main sections, such as success information and others.

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Beware of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

(Last Edit: 9 November 2019)

This 3 page essay is a change of pace from the serious subject matter of the site, though it still provides deep and profound insights. It focuses on economic and success information, that is sure to refresh your outlook on how to earn a living, and even inspire you with new ideas and insights of how better to earn money.

What is the true nature of money making products, teachings, systems and books on the Internet and offline?

Can one discover how to make wealth through these teachings?

Isn't money making simply a skill to be learnt? And once we learn this skill, who says we can't have everything we want? Isn't it simply a case of finding the right teaching that reveals the secrets of this skill?

This is the fantasy that keeps aspiring wealth seekers jumping from one moneymaking system to another.

But all these systems have two things in common, they are immoral and illogical.

They are teaching people how to build wealth as a singular pursuit. Thus, in the view of these teachings, it is okay for a person to spend his life pursuing wealth in itself, without regard to his real spiritual calling, his personal obligations and responsibilities, or to moral principles.

But how is money really made? How can one make money in a joyful way that is fully in harmony with the Laws of Creation? What are the basic, most essential principles that one needs to understand?

This essay reveals the genuine and simple principles of true money making. They are essential secrets, that are only secret because they have so far remained unidentified, but which are really simple, maybe even obvious once identified.

It is especially useful for those who are seeking to earn income, those pondering what line of work to pursue to earn this income, or those who are considering a career change.

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