Notes on Reading Joyful Tidings

This page contains the notes that accompany the eBook "Joyful Tidings from the Grail". "Joyful Tidings" is a powerful spiritual book available at the Lulu website at this link: Joyful Tidings from the Grail - Lulu website.

The notes given here will help you better absorb this powerful book.

The purpose of the Poetic Verses of “Joyful Tidings from the Grail” is to animate and strengthen the spiritual soil on earth in preparation for the now culminating Judgement.

These Poetic Verses are not meant to be read but experienced.

The whole book of Poetic Verses can be read in a few minutes if the reader rushes through them like a novel, but reading them in this way will not give him any benefit.

To draw value from these poems, two things are needed:

An affirmative frame of mind

First, as he reads the Verses, the reader must be in an affirmative frame of mind to carry out spiritually what the words say to the best of his ability, for whatever part of the book this is possible and in whatever way this is possible in one’s life.

This is poetry and not prose; it speaks a metaphorical and symbolic language, and not a literal one. The reader, acting in a self-responsible way, must be in an affirmative state of mind with the sincere conscious intent to apply what these poems say in an intuitive, spiritual and symbolic way.

A word of warning

The frame of mind and intent are necessary, but not always the literal carrying out of the words.

With some of the more physically intense Verses in the book, you are advised not to practice them literally i.e. externally, in your outer life.

The symbolic language used in the book is intended to influence the inner spiritual volition. Indeed the intense language used in some of the pages is verbalized in the intense way it is, to be able to reach, and have an impact on, the inner volition.

Without such intense language the necessary spiritual change could not be brought about.

However, as I said, you should not apply any physically intense passages in any literal, physical or external way that is harmful.

A sincere affirmative intent will allow the words to be brought to life and experienced, which is the subject of the next point:

A spiritual experiencing of the words

The second thing that is needed to absorb this book is that the poems must be experienced with the spirit and not just read with the intellect.

The intellectual meaning of the words is not where the primary value lies. The words now contain Imanuel’s life power, which radiates into the human spirit powerfully, and is able to shift and animate the mind, soul and spirit.

So, rather than rushing through them, one should set aside some quiet time to experience these poems in quiet self-communion.

Take your time absorbing the words

The contents of Joyful Tidings are highly condensed, thus they should ideally be intuited, brought to life, absorbed and applied in a state of calm unhurried quietness.

Should you feel the need, stop reading in order to apply more thoroughly in your spirit or life what you are reading. Putting down the book may also be necessary if you feel stressed in any way by the changes brought about by these Verses.

It is not wise to rush through this process but instead take it slow so you can absorb what the words have to give.

How to read the book

As you read each page, pause to reflect on it. Plumb into the words with your perception; reach out into the words with your intuition; open your spirit and strike the source that lies in Imaneul’s Word, bring the words to life, experience them and carry out what they say in a volitional, intuitive, symbolic way.

For most pages this entails feeling the words inwardly and shifting the mind and spirit to the meaning and vibration of the words.

If a certain page contains a question, search your soul and answer it honestly.

Only by following these suggestions can you draw the full spiritual values this book has to offer.

A note:

All the actions mentioned above can happen relatively quickly for the spiritually mature human being. So, for some, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on every page, so long as the meaning is absorbed.

The important thing is that the spiritual content of each page be experienced and absorbed; how much time is needed differs from person to person and also differs for the same person when reading at different times.

Also, it is recommended that after you have read, understood and absorbed all I have said in these notes and suggestions, then put them out of your mind before reading the book. Place them aside. If you have truly absorbed these notes, you will be able to read the book correctly without having to think of them.

Let your reading be simple and natural, without intellectual complication; read for spiritual enjoyment and refreshment as you would an inspirational scripture or text, in an unassuming and receptive of mind.

A final note:

Joyful Tidings is best read in the right order from beginning to end, as each page builds on the one before it, like a journey that happens in a certain order.

So it is recommended that the seeker read Joyful Tidings at least twice through, from beginning to end, in the right sequential order, at two different times. After this has been done, some people might choose to open pages randomly for inspiration or open specific pages for reflection or meditation. This is possible when one feels the need for it. But at other times the book should be read in the right order.

Truth Servant


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