The True Nature of Overnight Success

Some self-help writers talk about “the true nature of overnight success”. They say it takes a decade or more of preparation to achieve what people view as “overnight success”.

What they mean is that overnight success does not exist, it is only an appearance; that when someone achieves overnight success this person has had to spend many years or even decades accumulating the knowledge, skills and experience that finally allowed him to achieve what appears to others as “overnight success”.

In other words no true success can be achieved without the necessary previous effort.

While this is basically true it is important to clarify some issues here.

What about rags to riches success stories with those who are quite young?

Some people do achieve success in a very short time while others spend an entire lifetime working hard, learning and doing everything right and yet not achieving success.

Thus there are young people who go from poverty to great success and wealth in a very short time. These do not take a decade or more preparing for their success; so what about them?

The former lives of an individual and the karma and experience he brings with him clearly play a role in this.

A person who has already accumulated all the spiritual abilities he needs in previous lives can achieve success so quickly in his current life that he can baffle those who do not understand this. Consider the musical composer Mozart for example who began composing music at a very young age.

Are talents the result of chance?

The spiritual talents and abilities a person brings with him and which are the result of the efforts he made in previous lives to develop these abilities, are mistakenly attributed by science to genetic inheritance.

Thus what is actually an earned virtue, is turned by scientists into random chance, like a lottery, with one person apparently winning a great windfall of talents and abilities, by purely arbitrary chance, by being lucky to be born with good genes, while another receives a package of seemingly insurmountable disadvantage and suffering.

Because of the scientific claim that talents and abilities are genetic in origin, many observers, especially those who are socialistic or communistic in their orientation, point to an able person who succeeds seemingly overnight and they compare him with the other person who spends his lifetime working hard yet not achieving success, and they say it must be an injustice.

If a person is born through pure chance with good genes, as science claims, which allow him to have powerful abilities, then these thinkers could be considered plausibly right. In a sense, it would be an injustice to reward the person who was lucky enough to be born with such genes.

Talents are the result of personal labour

But the talents and abilities a person has do not happen by chance and are not the result of physical genes in the first place. They are spiritual in nature. The physical genes merely align with and complement the spiritual talents.

Thus a person who has profound scientific abilities may be born with genes that give him a quick and broad intellect, high IQ, to complement and augment his spiritual abilities.

What socialists do not know is that the successful person, assuming his success is genuine and not the result of false activity, had to spend at least one previous life working away quietly and humbly without visible results before he could achieve success in his current life.

So talent is not a random lottery in which some people win good genes by sheer chance while others are born with poor genes by chance. Everything happens according to completely just Natural Laws.

What about purely physical talents?

However purely physical talents or rather abilities do exist. That means certain qualities, abilities or aptitudes we have on earth are directly dependent on physical inheritance.

So in that case, what about those born with purely physical or genetic talents? Isn't that an injustice against the others?

The answer is no. Everything in Creation follows Providential Laws.

One person might inherit a body with high IQ, which he needs for fulfilling a specific spiritual mission; thus he is given these abilities by the Light.

At other times the person concerned when he is a soul in the beyond, is attracted and drawn to, or even deliberately and insistently places himself in, the vicinity of a mother who bears "intelligent" genes, so that he can be born with an intellect he can use for personal evil purposes.

Are undeserved qualities an injustice?

Thus the physical abilities that different people inherit are not always in accordance with the will of the Light, though the results that arise are always just in a wider sense and always governed by the Natural Laws.

To say that it is unjust for a wicked person to receive good physical genes, ignores the fact that the earth is dominated by darkness. According to the Laws, where a certain power predominates, that power will tend to win.

A dark person on earth is often able to injure, drive away and defeat a good person, when the two are meeting in a gross material context, because the former finds stronger anchorage on gross matter and so is able to generate greater strength.

Since the dark conditions on earth are the direct result of men's sins and failures, it cannot be considered "unjust", in an ultimate sense, when bad souls are sometimes able to win also on the level of incarnation, thus being able to incarnate in favorable physical bodies.

It is men who have made this possible, and they must consequently bear the fruits that arise, but which always only work themselves out according to the Laws. Thus we have the spectacle of the wicked men and women sometimes having favorable genes which empower them to cause greater harm.

It is earthmen who have made such harm possible, and so they are obligated to suffer under it, in line with the Law of Reciprocal Action, also called the Law of Returns, or Karma.

The mystery of the beauty of evil women

The above explanation also solves the great mystery as to why many wicked women are born with exceptional physical beauty. There is a stiff competition in the beyond among such wicked women for the incarnation into a physically beautiful body.

When a physically beautiful mother is expecting, carrying a foetus with physically beautiful genes, the female souls in the beyond who crave such an attribute, will begin to compete for possession of this body, so she can use it for vain, ambitious or nefarious purposes.

And since the earth is dominated by the power of darkness, that female soul who is most aligned with the darkness, often wins the competition, and is incarnated in such a body. This is because she finds ready anchorage for her dark qualities, either in the mother herself or in someone in the mother's vicinity, and most importantly in the general dark conditions prevailing on earth.

Other physically inherited attributes

Other physically inherited attributes are for example, those born with genes that give them a beautiful voice, or nimble fingers if they play an instrument, or with a sharp intellect and general physical prowess if he/she is an actor.

Another might be given great physical strength if he is a warrior, a policeman or soldier.

These physical attributes are subject to the same principles outlined above, either it is the will of the Light, or the result of the competition of the souls, which always in the end ultimately works itself out according to the Laws.

Physical talents are "earned" by good people

For those who are guided by the Light, their physical aptitudes are indeed a physical gift given through the means of the body's genetics, so it is not given arbitrarily or randomly. The person concerned has a life mission to use these physical talents for a very specific purpose.

He/she has reached a certain point in their spiritual development which requires them to have these physical talents, to achieve their purpose.

Thus, since the nature of the astral body of a human being who is to be born, that is being formed by the elemental beings, is always strictly governed by the Laws of Creation, the good person concerned has always earned his talent spiritually in some way or another and on some level in previous lives, even if that talent is physical.

The same must be said of physical liabilities, such as for example, hereditary diseases which some person, good or bad, needs to experience in order to atone for some fault or other in a previous life.

Such things always contain a blessing for all concerned, if the right attitude towards them is adopted.

Among wicked souls, the inheritance of genes can be different and influenced, as explained above.

At the same time, one must not forget Abd-Ru-Shin's statement that "the spirit forms the body". This statement applies more to the formation of the finer soul bodies.

But even with the physical body, many qualities, talents and abilities which would seem to be purely physical in their basis or origin, are often directly influenced and shaped by the nature of the spirit and soul inhabiting that body, as it radiates through that body, especially in the early years of the formation and growth of the body.

Building a mountain in the ocean

Think of achieving success like building a mountain in the ocean.

You could spend a long time building the mountain, starting from the ocean bottom below water with nothing to show for your efforts above the surface. Thus by starting to build on the ocean floor it will take you a long time building with no visible results.

It is only when the right time comes and your construction breaks through above the surface that others recognize your success; and the firmer and more thorough the foundation below the surface the higher the mountain can rise above the water.

Since the time-frame in which this happens depends on many factors, it is not possible to generalize and say that it takes a decade (or any other specific number of years) for success to be attained, as the period will differ for every individual and every situation.

Of course all this is inapplicable to the world of today. The earth as it exists today is ruled by the darkness.

The situation in the Judgement

We now live in the Judgement, we are approaching the peak of the purification. This is the much talked about time when God has veiled his countenance.

In the present situation injustice does rule temporarily and it is the person who exploits and cooperates with the forces of darkness who can succeed most quickly and easily.

That person who is honest and spiritually pure can only succeed after much effort and suffering, no matter how great his abilities.

This is a temporary state of affairs, and that person who gives in to the darkness on such grounds to attain false success, thereby sells his eternal life for a few moments of vanity and frivolous pleasure.

So I say to all the genuine seekers and Grail Adherents: do not give in to the darkness no matter how difficult things get, and things will and have already become excruciatingly difficult for everyone on earth; rather hold on till the final breath, for it is promised that he who holds on to the end shall be saved.

When it is said that the wheat must be separated from the chaff, the difficulties of the Judgement have a direct hand in enforcing this separation. For what is inherently chaff lacks the necessary spiritual strength to be able to endure to the end. Thereby, through the difficulties, it reveals its true nature, falls away and receives the result it deserves.

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