How to Experience a Paradigm Shift in Spiritual Development

Some self help teachings talk about the need for a “paradigm shift” in a person’s self development, a leap to a new way of seeing one’s life. Such a shift is supposed to create an entirely new way of viewing one’s situation which makes possible a higher order or quality of action.

In the first page of this essay I will discuss paradigm shifting itself and then on the second page I will reveal the secret of how to shift your underlying spiritual paradigm in order to open up an entirely new way of thinking and new plane of experiencing.

The new paradigm on the second page is actually simple and obvious, as those who have genuinely recognized and absorbed the Grail Message would know, though you would be surprised how many among Grail Adherents are completely unaware of it. For many it will come as an unexpected surprise.

What is a paradigm shift?

A paradigm shift, as identified by American physicist Thomas Kuhn, is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practices of a scientific discipline.

The term paradigm shift however is often used outside of scientific contexts, to mean a profound change in a fundamental model or perception of events.

It can mean the way a certain subject is viewed, which guides the activity that is influenced by that subject.

For example, in science, the discovery of the germ theory shifted and changed the way doctors practiced medicine forever. Before that many doctors didn’t even bother to wash their hands before operating surgically on someone.

This caused many people to die from minor injuries, treatments and even minor cuts, because the doctors treating them had not disinfected their hands beforehand.

Despite that the germ the theory has now become a limiting and hampering obstacle in the way of medical science and the understanding of health, at that time it was a needed insight that expanded scientists understanding of medicine.

Billions of lives have been saved as a result of the benefits of this expanded understanding, though unfortunately a great number of lives were also lost as a result of scientists clinging to this theory one-sidedly in modern times.

Thus a shift to a more accurate view causes a shift in quality of activity, producing a better quality of activity.

Paradigm shifts and self help

Self-help teachings that talk about paradigm shifts, usually make reference to great scientific, philosophical and spiritual paradigm shifts in history that moved mankind forward.

Their aim is to show that a similar process is needed in the personal development field, in particular in how individuals approach their own development. Einstein’s statement is often quoted in this regard that “the significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”.

This means that to solve the significant problems we have, both as individuals and as a race, we need an entirely new level of thinking. Not just new thoughts, but an entirely new level or way of thinking, that is higher. But how is this new way of thinking to be actually attained in the field of spiritual development?

No one can truthfully say that this question has been answered by any of the self help or spiritual development teachings or books out there today, with the exception of course of the Grail Message.

So in this article I will be applying an approach in the sense of the Grail Message to this question of paradigm shifting; I will reveal the secret of how to attain an entirely new way of thinking and experiencing that allows us to transcend our old limited ways, though this secret is not actual secret.

The initial content of this article may seem superfluous, but it is necessary that you understand this initial content before I provide you with the process for shifting your spiritual paradigm and opening up a completely new path of experiencing.

The present understanding of paradigm shifting

The expression “paradigm shifting” as applied to spiritual development cannot be limited to the scientific definition given to the term “paradigm shift”.

The books of the late self development teacher Stephen Covey, such as the classic work “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, deal with the question of shifting paradigms in the field of spiritual development.

These books, though being incomplete and containing errors, bring the concept of paradigm shifting to the fore, as well as provide some new ways of approaching one’s self development.

A paradigm shift in personal spiritual development, as used in such teachings, is when a completely new way of seeing or viewing your own spiritual development occurs to you. This is the so called “Aha” moment. You see something that you did not see before and this changes the way you engage with life.

Paradigm shifting in science and business

Paradigm shifting in spiritual development must be differentiated from that of scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, and the innovations in business.

The reason is that it is possible for a person who is undeveloped spiritually, if he immerses himself long enough in science or business, to make a breakthrough merely through intellectual activity, as can be seen today. This is common in the business and technology fields.

But such achievements are nearly always inferior or limited in their value. They are often even harmful because they were not made from a wide spiritual outlook that oversaw the entire process and all its consequences. Because of the limited outlook from which they were made such innovations often contain unforetold harm on many levels.

This applies to all human activity; only on a living and far-seeing spiritual foundation can any lasting and genuinely beneficial achievement be made.

The mainstream view of paradigm shifting

Thus the problem with the principle of paradigm shifting as it is applied in the spiritual development field, is that it can only truly work consistently for someone who is already on the right path. Only this provides the living spiritual foundation that allows one’s achievements to endure.

To walk the right path, the knowledge of the Grail Message is needed.

But assuming a person is already on the right path, what is the nature of the paradigm shifting that is taught today in several books and teachings? Can they bring about a shift in the genuine seeker?

When many students of self help hear of the concept of paradigm shifting with regard to spiritual development, they take this to mean that they must exchange one intellectual viewpoint, philosophy or “mental map” for another.

Mainstream paradigm shifting as a change of thoughts

The problem with this approach is that it only deals with the surface effects of life. It is attempting to solve one’s basic problems from the same level of thinking at which we created them, that is from the outside in, by exchanging one outer intellectual map for another, without touching the true fount of causation that arises from the inner spirit.

It is only at an inner intuitive spiritual level that the true process of paradigm shifting can occur.

Changing from one set of thoughts and concepts to another, cannot be a spiritual paradigm shift, if the “being” underlying the thinking is still the same. In such a case it is not a truly new way of thinking, but merely consists of new thoughts or a new set of thoughts.

It is like putting new wine into old wineskins, as Jesus taught. The content, the thoughts, have changed in such a case, but the underlying way of using and experiencing that content, i.e. the container, is still exactly the same.

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