The Essential Metaphysics and Epistemology of the Human Spirit

The above headline is a title of a book I am working on that aims to clarify the philosophical subjects of metaphysics and epistemology, mainly epistemology, concerning the human spirit, from the standpoint of the Knowledge of the Grail.

Let me point out that this book has nothing to do with the academic approach to these subjects. I have not read or studied academic epistemology. I find academic epistemology and academic philosophy generally to be too convoluted and intellectual in nature, lacking in the simplicity and clarity that can truly enlighten and help real human beings.

Let me also make clear that what I call metaphysics and epistemology are not what is understood generally by these terms in the academic field.

These are simply the closest terms I could find to capture what I wanted to convey in this book.

Here is the current content of this section:

The Impossibility of Intellectual Proof in Spiritual Matters

(Latest Edit 30-Nov-2018)

This is a short essay answering the age-old complaint of philosophers and scientists, as to why the intellect cannot receive proofs of spiritual phenomena.

Why can't the intellect understand spiritual phenomena?

What is the precise energy mechanism that prevents the intellect from understanding what is beyond gross matter?

Why should we try to understand spiritual phenomena at all? Aren't they faraway otherworldly unnatural things, with no real relevance to our everyday lives?

How does a spiritual person understand spiritual matters? What happens spiritually to allow it?

Since everyone's personal day-consciousness is seated in the brain, which is where the intellect exists, how is a spiritual person able to understand spiritual phenomena using this same day-consciousness?

Why does Creation or the Light withhold those proofs of the other world and of spiritual phenomena that will definitively convince intellectuals of the existence of such spiritual phenomena?

This article is only a very brief intro to this subject, which will be entered into in much greater detail in later essays. Click here to read the article...

The Impossibility of Intellectual Proof - Part 2

(Latest Edit 31-Nov-2018)

This essay continues where the last one left off. It discusses the impossibility of proving spiritual realities to the intellect.

Why do intellectuals demand proof of spiritual realities? And why should there be anything wrong with that?

Wouldn't we all ask for proof before believing something?

Why can't Light servants and enlightened people provide such proofs if they truly possess them?

How does one receive proof in any area of knowledge?

Is scientific investigation, and the scientific method in general, the best way to receive proofs on any subject?

What is the approach that a genuine teacher needs to use to lead his students to knowledge and proofs?

What can intellectuals or anyone else do to achieve those definitive proofs that they claim to seek so much?

This essay answers all these questions and others.

The Law of Complementation

(Latest Edit 15-Jan-2019)

This is a detailed essay examining and explaining deeply and thoroughly the true nature of the Law of Complementation. 

This essay has some humorous passages, which are sure to make you smile.

What is the essential difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Complementation?

One says that “like attracts like”, or “what is similar attracts”, the other says "opposites attract". Don't these two Laws contradict each other?

Why are there male and female spirits in Creation? And why are there masculine and feminine forces and qualities in Creation? What is the true nature of gender?

Why do male and female spirits, and masculine and feminine forces, have a need to unite? What is the difference between a sexual union, and a spiritual union?

Isn't it a law of physics that opposites attract each other? When and how do opposites attract each other?

How does complementation operate in relationships and marriages? What qualities must your life partner have, so that you know it will be a joyous harmonious marriage, and is sure to endure?

How should your marriage partner be similar to you (Law of Attraction) and how should they be opposite to you (Law of Complementation) to ensure a harmonious union?

What is the nature of what is called "chemistry" in all relationships?

How do the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species and the Law of Complementation combine all the species in Creation with each other to form the whole Creation structural hierarchy?

Why do even Divine Messengers seem to have complementary opposites? And how did this work itself out during the mission of Abd-Ru-Shin on Germanic soil? Why was the darkness successful in thwarting the plans of the Light?

Find the answers to all these questions and more in the essay.

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