Introduction to the Grail Knowledge website

My goal for the essays of the website is to provide esoteric inside-angles on spiritual subjects.

That is the goal of all the sections of this website including this spiritual development section. All the essays aim to provide esoteric inside-angles on several important and crucial subjects.

The original meaning of the word "esoteric"

The word esoteric usually means secret knowledge that is intended and likely to be understood by only a small number of people. Thus it is knowledge intended only for a few, who alone can understand it and make use of it beneficially.

For example, the special knowledge given by Jesus directly to his disciples and exclusively to his disciples, can be considered esoteric in this sense.

However despite this formal definition the word itself esoteric emanates a vibration of pure being. One can sense in it a beautiful emanation that attracts the alert seeker to a teaching that contains the inner knowing of existence and being. 

The modern meaning of "esoteric"

Unfortunately, this word was hijacked by the occultists and mystics of the last two centuries whereby it has developed mystical undertones and occult associations in modern times.

Still the word itself remains what it is. It still emanates the same healthy vibration.

I use this word here in its healthy sense, to simply mean deep knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the most important things.

In past times the deep knowledge was indeed reserved for a few, who alone were capable of recognizing it, understanding it and making use of it.

This is still the case today, except that as civilizations advanced in their capabilities, more and more people became capable of understanding many profound things.

So with the advent of the complete and perfect Truth of The Grail Message, the deepest knowledge was made available to every person who would want it. What was previously reserved for only a few, now became available to all.

Yet despite being openly available, only those who were worthy of or ready for it would find their way to it.

So this website follows the same principle, in that the knowledge is given openly, but usually only those for whom it was intended would find their way to it and fully understand it.

The meaning of the term "inside-angles"

“Inside-angles” is a term usually used in business. It refers to the special insights that only an experienced "insider" of a certain industry or business can attain. In many cases such an understanding consists of a knowledge or grasp of simple secrets of how a certain business or industry works or is run, or the possession of simple intuitive abilities for running it.

This knowledge, these secrets, wherever they exist, are naturally kept to themselves by the businessmen who acquire them.

They have usually had to travel a long and hard road to attain these simple insights or secrets and are not willing to share them freely with anyone.

Inside-angles in scientific fields

Inside-angles exist in every area of knowledge, whether it is in the different sciences, business or other areas. While much of the knowledge and practical applications in these areas require extensive and specialized training, study and experience, inside-angles, or simple insights do exist in all fields.

Those who have the most important inside-angles in the fields of science, for example, usually understand the dangers to their professions, if these insights were made public.

The reason for this, just to be brief, is that with such a revelation, scientific knowledge would lose its mystique, its aura of authority, mystery and importance.

It would lose this authority precisely because much of the actual genuine knowledge that scientists have is simple and unremarkable, and once people discovered this, science would become then no different in society than everyday business, farming, art and all the other fields.

Details vs. Principles

I am not talking about the many details of scientific subjects, which can indeed be plentiful and cumbersome for anyone to contemplate. I am talking about the essential principles.

Whenever any intelligent, talented and intuitively perceptive person approaches scientists to seek essential understanding about scientific subjects, most will be quick to avoid objective discussion, evade, or if he is insistent they will drown him and weary him in all the plentiful and cumbersome details, in order to avoid giving him the essential understanding or knowledge which they clearly fear would allow others to overtake these scientists in knowledge and achievement. 

The essential principles of all scientific subjects are simple, though the recognition of such simple principles remains ever reach elusive to those who rely on the intellect alone. Only an intuitively perceptive person can attain the simple recognitions of the essential principles and Laws of natural phenomena.

That is why many intellectual scientists guard the gates of their specialized areas of knowledge. In the hands of the highly talented such knowledge would bear abundant fruit; which is not an appealing prospect for the intellectuals.

Inside-angles on spiritual subjects

In the field of spiritual development, and other areas of spiritual knowledge, inside angles also require an insider, i.e. a person of higher origin or of more refined intuitive abilities. Thus inside-angles in spiritual subjects are even more difficult to acquire and, once acquired, are sometimes difficult to differentiate from ordinary knowledge.

But inside-angles in spiritual development and other spiritual subjects are just as simple and clear as inside-angles in business, science or industry. And like those inside-angles they lay bare the essence of a certain knowledge and it requires an already intuitively perceptive person, who is spiritually alert and refined, to recognize, and be able to make use of, crucial new knowledge.

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