Spiritual Development through the Grail Knowledge

This section of the website provides unique insights into the subject of spiritual development, but the essays in this section, just like those in the rest of the website, touch upon many different areas, in this case the essays go beyond spiritual development.

It is recommended that you read the introductory essay below, as it contains insightful information about this section and about the whole approach of the Grail Knowledge website itself.

This spiritual development section of the site will be growing in the coming weeks and months.

Here is the current content:

Introduction to the Grail Knowledge website

What is the knowledge of the inner workings of Creation? Why was such inner knowledge reserved for only a few people in past times?

Is such knowledge hidden today, or does it exist out in the open?

What about secret knowledge in other fields, such as business or science?

What type of insight, knowledge or wisdom into the inner workings of Creation do the essays on this site give you? 

The True Nature of Overnight Success

(Latest Edit: 16-Nov-2018)

This essay reveals the true reality and nature of the path to success. What determines the possibility of success and the speed of success?

What is overnight success? Does it truly exist or is it just a myth?

How are certain people able to achieve such great things at such a young age?

What is the source of the talents and abilities that people are born with?

What is the difference between spiritual and physical talents?

What determines who has which spiritual talent, and who has which physical talent?

Why are many evil women or men born physically beautiful or having other important physical abilities? What is the answer to this mystery?

This essay answers these and other questions, and sets the stage for genuine spiritual development and spiritual ascent.

Discover your True Mission in Life

(THIS ESSAY IS LOCKED. It has not been completed and edited)

What role does productive work play in the spiritual life? How can work become deeply fulfilling? And how do you discover your true mission in life? These questions are answered in this essay.

The Jump and the Step-Ladder

(THIS ESSAY IS LOCKED. It has not been completed and edited)

Some teachings, including the Grail Message, say that one must carry out a jump or leap of faith to reach the Light. Most others, including the Grail Message as well, say the path must be traveled gradually, step by step. These two ideas would seem to contradict each other. This essay clarifies this issue once and for all.

How to Experience a Paradigm Shift in Spiritual Development

(Last edit 21-Nov-2018)

What is a paradigm shift? What happens when a major paradigm shift occurs in society or in a certain branch of knowledge? How does this change everything?

Are paradigm shifts limited to science, religion and business and other formal areas of knowledge? Or do paradigm shifts exist in our own self-development as well?

Can modern self-development teachings really shift your underlying paradigm? And does this paradigm shift really rewire your thinking and change the foundation of your experiencing?

How can you experience such a paradigm shift?

What paradigm shift can you undertake and experience right now that will improve the way you approach, view and experience the world?

This essay cuts through all the noise and reveals the simple and obvious secret of how to actually shift your underlying spiritual paradigm in order to open up an entirely new way of thinking and new plane of experiencing.

Those parts later in the essay that deal with the practical application of this concept are the ones that have been most edited and updated, as they are the most important to readers.

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