Is time travel possible?

This 3 page essay deeply examines the metaphysical status and real nature of time and motion in order to answer whether time travel is possible or will become so with advancing technology.

The question "Is time travel possible?" is actually based on a fundamental misconception as I will show in this essay. To answer it, let us first answer the question “what is time?”

What is time?

There is no such thing as time, there is only motion.

Let me explain why: Even the standard way we measure time internationally with our accurate atomic clocks, is based on counting the vibrations of the cesium atom.

In earlier times, time was measured basically by counting the motion of the earth in its orbit around the sun through the change of the seasons.

Either way, we measure time by taking some uniform motion as a standard whether this is the motion of the earth as observed in the alternation of day and night and change of seasons or a more meticulously accurate motion such as the vibration of the cesium atom, and counting the number of cycles this uniform motion has completed.

Thus time does not exist as an independent quality or phenomenon but is the result of our counting and measuring the motion of certain forms in Creation.

Measuring time

One rotation of the earth on its axis is a day and a full revolution around the sun is a year. By taking some date (such as the life of Christ) as a beginning point we then simply count the number of rotations and revolutions that have occurred since that time to determine, according to a certain timekeeping structure, what the time or date is right now.

Time is merely an abstract conceptual tool we use to count/measure motion. It has no independent existence in reality.

Time Stands Still

Abd-Ru-Shin teaches in the Grail Message that time does not move but stands still. This is the same as saying that time as we think of it on earth does not exist.

Time does not exist, only eternity exists; and the forms in Creation move and change within this eternity.

Eternity however does not consist, as some believe, of endless time, but of the present moment which is all that exists and which is eternal; what I call the ever-present present.

Time is not a succession of present moments but one single eternity that we perceive as the present, in which all unfolds.

It is this endlessly unfolding present that is eternity.

Thus you can visualize the form of a tree changing with the seasons and ageing with the years or a human body changing and growing and ageing with the years. This is not proof that time is passing by, for time does not exist, only eternity exists.

The forms merely change and develop within this single present that is eternity.

What is the past?

To say for example that it is possible to travel back in time is only the result of human beings’ misunderstanding of time, of thinking there is such a thing as time (an existing temporal flow that accompanies matter, energy, radiation and substance) or that there is such a thing as the past, thus mistaking a purely conceptual idea or tool (which we need on earth to organize our lives) for a natural law or reality.

To say that we can travel to the past, is to believe that the past actually exists.

What then is the past if it doesn’t have any existence? Didn’t those events that happened previously have a reality? After all we remember them quite clearly.

The past is merely a state of motion and development that has already passed. It is a state or condition that the forms have passed through to get to where they are now.

Since the present is eternally unfolding, the past is merely a state of the present forms that has already passed, and that no longer exists.

Only the eternal present exists

The past, present and future all have their existence in the eternal present; this does not mean that the past and future actually exist, but merely that what we call the past and the future, the past being a mental memory of how the forms were in a previous state of development, and the future being an anticipation of how they will be with further unfolding, both these mental experiences take place in the eternal present.

Only the forms change and what we call time passing is merely the perception of the progression of how the forms develop and change.

All these changes however are taking place in the eternal present.

The Past as non-existent

Let me clarify my use of language here; for it can be objected that when I say the past is merely a memory of how the state of the forms was previously, the use of the word “previously” together with the word “forms” may be pointed out as an acknowledgment that the past exists.

Let me make it clear that strictly speaking there is no such thing as ‘previously’, it is only a concept of the language we use to convey meaning.

All the forms are unfolding right now, anchored freely in motion in the present.

As they unfold in the eternal present, this unfolding is all that exists and it is anchored freely in the eternal present.

When we say that the past doesn’t exist it means that in the eternal present, things are what they are. The state of how the forms were, doesn’t actually exist, for things are right now.

The state of how the forms were, before reaching their current state, took place in the present. But they are no longer in that state; so the past is not part of reality but only exists as an encoded part of the present, like a memory.

"Memory" in man and in existence

In man’s mind and consciousness, the faculty of memory accumulates a record of past events.

But this memory is only a memory of the previous state of forms. The ego consciousness, the human being's real self, remains constant through this, perceiving and being only in the present, because time is not really moving.

The forms are shifting and changing right now, in the present. Thus the changes are taking place right here right now, which is all that exists.

They are not passing and accumulating into some water well called the past. It is only the memory faculty of the human being, whereby his memories accumulate in his subconscious, that gives rise to the illusion that the past is accumulating in some storage place.

The forms that are changing in the here and now, are merely shifts, adjustments, flows and movements within the mosaic or matrix of existence. This mosaic or matrix hangs freely in the present. It is constant and ever present, knowing only now, existing only in the now, and living, breathing, unfolding only in the now.

All that exists, manifests or unfolds in Creation, consists merely of shifts or flows through this mosaic, in this mosaic.

Memory not equivalent to reality

Thus the past is not locked in some other dimension waiting for the right advanced technology for human beings to be able to access it, it doesn’t exist.

A record of the past, however, does exist in Creation. Every event that has ever occurred from the biggest to the smallest has been recorded.

However this record is not a collecting water well, or a separate archive, into which the events are gathered and accumulated, but rather the events of the past are an inseparable part of the present. Their essence has been registered into the present as a part of it.

Thus the full record of what we call the past in Creation, as well as the fruits of all the experiencing that has taken place, are registered into the present, as an inseparable part of it.

The matrix of existence being alive in the present, by its nature, registers into itself whatever is experienced in it, as it unfolds.

This record can be likened, though it differs in nature, to man’s memory faculty. It is simply a record of what happened. Whereas man's memory faculty, especially with regards to the physical brain on earth, does have an accumulating quality to it, whereby memories are continually being stored in a vast storehouse. This storage capability is what gives rise to the illusion of the past.

The illusion of the past

Man's ability to accumulate a vast storehouse of past experiences in his subconscious, and draw from this storehouse whenever he wishes, misleads him into believing that Creation keeps its records in the same way, and that the very reality of existence, with regard to time, follows the same pattern.

With man on earth, the conscious mind which perceives, wills and decides, is relatively separate from the subconscious mind, where the memories of the past are accumulated. It is able to draw and bring to life these memories whenever it wishes.

In Creation itself, there is no separate storehouse. The record and fruits of events simply register into the mosaic, as every phenomenon in Creation unfolds. So with Creation, the record is inseparable from Creation itself, is a part of it.

This is what allows Creation to accumulate more and more spiritual riches in its records, about which Abd-Ru-Shin said: 

"Time is stationary, always the same today, yesterday and in a thousand years! It is only the outer form that changes. We plunge into time to cull from her records, for the purpose of enriching and furthering our knowledge. For time has allowed nothing to be lost and has faithfully recorded all things. Time does not change, it is eternal." [The Grail Message, Lecture 2, Awake].

The statement "time does not change, it is eternal" means that existence itself is eternal, and does not lose anything. And this existence is hangs freely and unfolds in the present.

The memory faculty that allows man to have a memory of how the forms were, however is different than the Creation record. It does enhance man's power and allows him to deal effectively with what is happening right now. This faculty was given for this very purpose, to empower man, though it very often leads to illusions.

If man did not have this mental faculty, the past and the future wouldn’t even exist as thoughts in his mind. That is how many other beings in Creation live and experience, without any sense of past or future. This is the case for example with the animals on earth.

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